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Tri-Axle Dump Trucks

Tri-axle dump trucks are dump trucks with four axles--the steer axle in front and three axles in back. One of the axles moves up and down via a control in the cab, so the tires aren't on the road if the truck is not loaded. A tri-axle dump truck carries more weight than a single-axle or tandem (two axle) truck.

Tractor & Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are semi-trailers designed to haul heavy loads. The deck is extremely low compared to other trailers. It offers the ability to carry tall loads, which other trailers cannot. Lowboys are used to haul heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, industrial equipment etc.

Tractor & Curtain-Side Trailers, Flatbed Trailers and Single Drop Trailers

Curtain-side trailers are trailers with roofs and canvas sides that can be pulled back for ease of loading or unloading. Flatbed trailers have an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes. Single Drop trailers are used to haul units that are too high for standard flatbed trailers to transport safely down the highway.

NYS Certified Escorts

From preparing route surveys to providing certified pilot cars (escort vehicles), Mallare has the experience and know-how to make your next oversized move trouble-free. Whether you need an in-state escort or an escort from state border to state border, choose Mallare for their experience and know-how.