Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mallare a NYS Certified Escort Service?.

  • Yes, Mallare is a NYS Certified Escort Service. From preparing route surveys to providing certified pilot cars (escort vehicles), Mallare has the experience and know-how to make your next oversized move trouble-free. Whether you need an in-state escort or an escort from state border to state border, choose Mallare for their experience and know-how.

Does Mallare ofer state-wide escorts?

  • Yes, Mallare Enterprises can escort you within the state, or from state border to state border.

 Does Mallare prepare and provide route surveys?

  • Yes, Mallare prepares and provides comprehensive route surveys to make your next move trouble free.

I have an oversized piece of machinery, can Mallare help me move it?

  • Yes, Mallare has the experience, know-how and capacity to move your biggest equipment and machinery. Whether your job requires a standard trailer or a lowboy trailer, Mallare will take care of all aspects of your move.

 I need additional tri-axle dump trucks to complete a project.  Can I sub-contract your services?

  • Yes! Mallare provides hauling, trucking and dumping services directly to the end user as well as to other companies as a sub-contractor. Please contact us for assistance and to discuss the details of your project.

Is Mallare permitted to carry contaminated materials?

  • Yes, Mallare is permitted to haul 9A contaminated material to multiple landfills in NY.

 I need help finding local suppliers, can Mallare help?

  • Construction companies and other contractors in need of assistance finding suppliers can use Mallare to accommodate their needs by pointing them to supply contractors.

What sets Mallare apart?

  • Mallare promotes a safety culture with their comprehensive incentive program. In addition, the Mallare's top of the line fleet is outfitted with GPS units for real-time tracking. Combined with their commitment to provide the best customer service possible, Mallare's customers consider them to be a "cut above" the competition.