As a family run business, Mallare Trucking takes pride in their work and integrity,
and always strives to meet or exceed their customer's needs.

Drump Truck & Lowboy

Dump Truck & Lowboy

Mallare uses tri-axle dump trucks for hauling dirt, aggregate, blacktop and salt. Mallare uses lowboy trailers to haul heavy equipment such as bulldozers, industrial equipment and other oversized equipment and machinery.


NYS Certified Escorts

NYS Certified Escorts

From preparing route surveys to providing certified pilot cars (escort vehicles), Mallare has the experience and know-how to make your next oversized move trouble-free. Whether you need an in-state escort or an escort from state border to state border, choose Mallare.


Parking Lot

Parking Lot and Construction Site Sweeping

Mallare now offers parking lot and construction site sweeping with a high dump sweeper that will dump into dump trucks.Contact us for more information.


What Our Customers Are Saying

I have been using Mallare Trucking for 18 years. Their commitment to serving the customer needs is unprecedented in the industry. Whether it is their dump truck service or the oversize lowboy moves, they are the best. Quite often I need to make scheduling changes and Mallare Trucking takes these changes in stride, never complaining and always understanding that this is just part of the job. Whether I need a long distance move, a series of short moves, early morning moves, or late in the day moves, Mallare Trucking always comes through, on time, every time. They set the benchmark in the industry that other transport companies should strive to achieve. I have often said that we could not be as good as we are if it wasn't for the help that Mallare Trucking offers us. You can never go wrong by using this company.
~ Todd Hartman, Donegal Construction

“Mike and his team are great at providing extra service when we need it or have problems on a project. They go the extra mile with servicing what we need. They definitely take the team approach with us.”
~ Jim Collins, Jr. from Milherst Construction

For our trucking needs Mallare is not only the first phone call we make, it's the ONLY call we make... thank you Mallare Enterprises for your fast, efficient and dedicated services.
~ David Mazur - President, Empire Dismantelment Corp.

I have been working with Mallare Enterprise for 8 + years, now. It has been a wonderful experience, working with people, that are honest, and have integrity! I've been in the site construction business for 30+ years, and have worked with many trucking companies, subcontractors, and suppliers.... Trust me, Mallare Enterprises is second to none, as far as service, and just GREAT PEOPLE to work with! I am looking forward to working with them, for years to come!
~Dana M. Donnelly - Site Specialties, LLC